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Addressing feet related issues

dw shoes are designed to address a series of issues related to feet. Our shoes come in three different widths equipped with extra depth and more toes space. Seamless inside, with a cushion-effect insoles and made using only breathable material. Learn more.

Wearing of dw shoes is recommended for:

  • people who want to walk healthily and comfortably

  • people with wide feet or fat toes

  • people occasionally suffering from swollen and heavy feet

  • people who need orthopaedic insoles to ease heel, ankle, knee and back pain

  • seniors

  • pregnant women

  • people who work standing

  • various levels of obesity

  • Flat feet

  • people with diabetes

  • Hammer toes

  • People with Hallux

Important benefits

We designed our shoes with 9 important benefits: accessible widths, extra depths, more toe spaces, seamless inside, cushion-effect insoles using only breathable material, round toe box, significantly reduced weight and modern design.

Three different widths

Each shoe is available in three different widths: medium, wide and extra wide. You can combine different widths for each shoe respectively.

Super light

Significantly reduced weight with all the features that benefit your feet.


Breathable mesh lining reduces moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Modern design

Designed around the latest trends for you to enjoy healthy walking while keeping your style.

Round toe box

Pointed shoes are often responsible for various foot deformities. Round toe box keeps the pressure away from the foundation of your body.

Smooth inside

Having no rough spots, the entire inside of our footwear is protecting the feet from skin damage.

Extra cushioning

A thicker sports sole that better absorbs shocks while walking and protects the feet from injuries.

Extra depth

Having extra depth better suits customers with high bridge and at the same time fits diabetic 
or any other specialised orthopaedic insoles.

Certified medical device
TÜV SÜD tested
Manufactured by
diawin Deutschland GmbH

Health benefits

Foot related issues are often reducing our abilities to perform sports, movement activities and keeping an active lifestyle. Our mission is to remedy this situation.

Extra protection

Providing with arch support and extra cushioning, our shoes offer extra shock absorbing and protect the feet from minor injuries that might be inflicted while walking. Specialized footwear reduces feet pressure by 30 %.

Supporting good blood flow

Our shoes do not restrict blood circulation thanks to smooth inside design, different widths, extra cushioning, bigger toe box and some extra depth.


Liberate your feet

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