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How to choose the right footwear.

  • Adequate room for the feet
  • Soft breathable material
  • Shock proof sole

The excessive pressure and friction of the incorrectly shaped shoes or tight shoes can lead to the use of patches, formation of calluses and sores not only on the leg with sensory anesthesia, but also on the legs with no signs of neuropathy.


It is necessary to take into account both the shape and the size. It’s absolutely necessary to make sure that the shoe shape matches the shape of the feet. This means that you should be sure the shoes have enough room in the toe area, and on the rise and across the foot, and a proper adherence around the heel is also important.

dw shoes come in three different widths equipped with extra depth and more toes space. Seamless inside, with a cushion-effect insoles and made using only breathable material.

What size will fit my feet?

Measuring the feet is done by tracing them on paper and measuring the length and width of each foot. In order to get the most accurate figures:

Find your size

Insert the length and width you’ve received from the sizing chart. Once done, hit the button to determine the most accurate size for your feet.

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Download the sizing chart

To get the most accurate size for your feet, we’ve created a special sizing chart that will help you to determine your feet’s length and width. We advice to to find somebody who’ll assist you to achieve the most accurate measurement.

Download the sizing chart here