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dw chitosan socks

black, grey, khaki, white

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dw chitosan socks

black, grey, khaki, white


Chitosan is a natural fibre extracted from shells of crabs and shellfishes. Because of its origin it has a positive effect on the human body.

Designed in a non-binding and non-elasticised way with added natural antibacterial functionality.

Unique features of Chitosan socks:

  • Chitosan fibre has a natural antibacterial function, thus preventing infections.
  • Its homeostatic properties promote coagulation when in contact with bleeding, thus stopping small skin bleeds.
  • Applied to the wound it can stimulate vasoconstriction and accelerate healing of the wound.

Recommended for

Arthritis, Diabetes, Neuropathy and other conditions with sensitive feet

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Importance of correct fit

A correct fit for is the most important element while selecting your new specialized footwear. Incorrectly fitted shoes can further impair your health condition and your ability to walk.

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How to select the proper size

Using our template, it’s easy to properly measure the size of your foot. Download sizing template and size-comparable chart and follow the instructions on how to measure your foot.

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dw shoes are designed to address a series of issues related to feet. Our shoes come in three different widths equipped with extra depth and more toes space. Seamless inside, with a cushion-effect insoles and made using only breathable material. Learn more.

Affected feet

You struggle to find a fitting pair of shoes because your feet are affected by one of the following medical condition:

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Lymphedema

  • Hammer finger

  • Blisters

  • Hallux

  • Flat foot

  • Obesity

  • Swelling feet

  • Plantar fascitis

Other conditions

Your footwear choices are often limited because you’re experiencing one of the following situations:

  • atypical feet

  • wide feet

  • wide-set toes

  • orthopaedic insoles

  • standing job

  • pregnant women

  • spine related problems

  • knee related problems

Certified medical device
TÜV SÜD tested
Manufactured by
diawin Deutschland GmbH

Health benefits

Foot related issues are often reducing our abilities to perform sports, movement activities and keeping an active lifestyle. Our mission is to remedy this situation.

Preventing strains and ulcers

Designed specially to avoid constricting the foot and to be unrestrictive of blood circulation, our shoes drastically improve the quality of life and prevent from strains and ulcers. Using specialty footwear can significantly reduce complications and lower the risks of foot amputations by 50 %.

Supporting good blood flow

Our shoes do not restrict blood circulation thanks to smooth inside design, different widths, extra cushioning, bigger toe box and some extra depth.

Extra protection

Providing with arch support and extra cushioning, our shoes offer extra shock absorbing and protect the feet from minor injuries that might be inflicted while walking. Specialized footwear reduces feet pressure by 30 %.

Reducing risks of skin breakdown

The inside of our footwear is made smooth without any irregularities. This leads to almost no inner friction for the feet, thus greatly reducing risks of skin breakdowns.

Liberate your feet

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Specialized foot care doesn’t end with selecting proper shoes. Our accessories can further improve the quality of life and walking habits.

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